Secret Weapons Part 1 – Jericho Writers

Secret Weapons – a short series of things I have come across that have helped me in my writing career so far.


No man (or woman) is an island.

Sound familiar?

Ask anybody in a professional industry and nobody will say they got there alone with no guidance from anyone.

Just like a lot of other writers, I sit in front of a computer screen, bash out hundreds of  words (this may fluctuate depending on inspiration, life, kids, work etc).

Writing is a lonely business and no writer working by themselves has all the answers.

This is where Jericho Writers comes in.

They provide the missing bits of the puzzle in this complex writing game.

The missing pieces will be different for each author.

Whether it’s interviews with authors at different stages of their careers,

literary agents videos showing that they are human after all,

or an independent set of professional eyes to look over a manuscript,

Jericho Writers can help.

For me, the forum discussions keep me motivated,

the videos on self-editing were transformative

and the tips on writing query letters secured me a meeting with an agent.