Last Song of The Universe

The Last Song of the Universe, is an otherworldly exploration of mortality and reincarnation. 

Dominic JP Nelson-Ashley confronts life and death via fantasy and reality from many angles: Cancer from the perspective of the casualties and those left behind. It is an intense and revealing journey.


Last song of the Universe is an ambitious collection which explores corporeal themes to an underlying score of the celestial. Experimental and boundary-testing in places, these poems are deftly crafted, showing great skill in handling a variety of forms. This collection is about coping, with illness and death, where moments of irreverent humour break the taboo and we have permission to laugh at ‘death jokes’. But there are quieter moments, such as ‘My Mate’s Wife’ where a gentle tone conveys the frailties of life with subtlety and poignancy. This accomplished collection deserves its place amongst the must-read poetry books of the year.

Natalie Scott