During 2017-2018, I was a presenter on Radio Afric-Aye. My show was called Afro Old School.

It was informal and informative.

I classified the content as ‘Edu-tainment’ because even though I laugh a lot, I covered serious topics such as Black Fatherhood and Mental Health in the Black community.

My show went out on Sundays but if you missed it live you can catch up on Mixcloud links below.

I also co-hosted an Afro House Music Show called Tempo Time and had a special guest slot on the Vuka Africa Show.

Afro Old School Vol 1 – Black Fatherhood:

Afro Old School Vol 2 – Black Fatherhood:

Afro Old School Vol 3 – Stress Management:

Afro Old School Vol 5 – Grenfell Tower, Business Stories, Black Representation in Marvel and DC Comics:

Afro Old School Vol 6 – Finsbury Road Mosque Attack, the Far Right, The Chemistry & Spirituality of Love, Sickle Cell Anemia Health products, Relationships and my new High profile experiment:

Afro Old School Vol 7 – World Athletic Championships, Usain Bolt, Caster Semenya, Floyd Mayweather McGregor Superfight, Black Wallets Matter, Controlling your Narrative:

Afro Old School Vol 8 – 40 is the magic number, Gina Miller, Grenfell Update, Charlottesville, Child Genius, David Goggins motivational trainer:

Afro Old School Vol 9 – Is it time for Black People to give up Christianity?

Interview on Crossing Cultures Show:

Tempo Time Music Show:

Special Guest on Vuka Africa: