No Queue Jumping

Here is a poem called NO QUEUE JUMPING from my poetry collection (called STRING THEORY) which tackles the issues of mental health / PTSD.

What did you go and do that for?

A permanent solution to a temporary problem.

I have very few rules:

be kind to others and no queue jumping.

I don’t want to see you before your mother,

father, gran and grandpa.

I don’t want see you knocking on the door

begging to come in.

I said, I’ll see you when I want to see you.

There’s a reason why

the Pope

used to be

a night-club bouncer.

What did you go and do that for?

You’re gonna have people


if there was something

they could have done,


they could’ve done


You’re giving me work to do now.

Reincarnation ain’t easy.

I’m gonna have to slice up

the memory of you,

distribute it to all the people who

loved you, cared for you, prayed for you.

And when I send you back in some obscure form

your family and friends recognise

in the face of your unborn cousins,

Remember these words:

feel free to shout them out loud

anytime you feel bad –

no queue jumping.