My Name is X

My Name is X

‘A stunningly ambitious reaction to the Grenfell fire disaster.’ 

‘An unreliable narrator, a young woman who has lost her memory takes the reader far beyond the flames and ashes of the tower into the wider context of legal and illegal migration, refugee exploitation and postcolonial attitudes. Hard hitting and full of dangerous ambiguities. Shamanic visionary moments intersperse with brutal documentary, the play of voices create an unforgettable cacophony, in a blazing indictment of exploitation that will continue to haunt the reader.’ 

Andy Willoughby

‘A really effective response to the Grenfell Tower fire, successfully connecting the fire to lots of other issues without reducing the event to an easy symbol. I have read a lot of well-meaning poetry about Grenfell that never really gets beyond righteous anger. I like the chaos of voices, and the immense restraint with which Dominic JP Nelson-Ashley pulls it altogether.’

Andy Croft