Black Mafiosa



If you cross me, I will cut your head off and put it in the bin.

I will not cry.

I am not a nasty person, but I know some people who are –

and I’m going to tell them about YOU.

You leave me no choice.

You brought this upon yourself.

You don’t mess with The Black Mafiosa.

You’re pathetic.

You know nothing.

How much do you make?

You’re not

bringing enough


to the fam.

If we weren’t related, I wouldn’t want to know you,

I would literally cross over to the other side of the street.

I know you’re my Mum, but I don’t like you  –  Never have, never will.

I dont think we can ever be friends.

How about unnecessary acquaintances?

When you’re old, I’m not going to visit you or look after you.

You are dead weight.

So what if I’m Six?

Nobody messes with The Black Mafiosa.

Dominic JP Nelson-Ashley

from the poetry collection ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK