Prayer (Trilogy Part 1)




Hi God,

Have you got a minute?

First of all, thanks for the Melanin. It really suits me.

I know it must be in short supply cos you’ve missed out the soles of my feet.

Are these your words you’ve scribbled on me? Am I your unfinished diary?

Am I your completed novel?

Did you get over-enthusiastic with calligraphy, do joined-up writing too densely  –

then rain made the ink run and the sun baked it dry?

That’s happened to my homework too.


Is that your signature on my palm?

A Gypsy at the fayre tried to read it. She was crap. I didn’t get my money back.


Hi God,

If you’re not too busy, can we have a chat?

I know you’re supposed to be almighty, all-powerful and all that,

but I think you messed up.

You’ve been running out of paint at The People Factory again, haven’t you?

I appreciate you giving me the last drops,

cos people without it

chase me,

keep trying to grab a piece of me

as if

I am

the last black leather coat in the January sales.



follow me around

like I’m one of your deities.

I’m only six.

I don’t think I’m ready for that kind of responsibility yet.


Hi God,

You know this Melanin thing?

I think a lack of it can affect people’s brains.

Some of those Nazis outside shave off all their hair,

burn red in the sun trying to get a tan

and cover their skin in pictures that have spelling mistakes.


Hi God,

Are you listening?

I’ve got a few questions cos I’m really not getting it.

Is it like the school teacher said:

Blank paper is for doodling and working things out?


Hi God,

I think I’ve got it sussed now.

You skimped on your homework, didn’t you? My mum said that’s not allowed.

You didn’t give them a story.

After church, you had a lazy Sunday. You took the weekend off.

That’s why they paint Swastikas on their bodies and make up their own naughty tattoos.

Did you run out of plots?

When kids at my school get behind, they have to catch up in the Easter Holidays.

Is that what you’re going to do?


Hi God,

My Dad says the landline is really really expensive,

so if I call somebody I should get them to call back.

It’s your turn to call next.



Dominic JP Nelson-Ashley

from the poetry collection ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK