Where does inspiration come from?

Inspiration can strike from the most obscure places. Two lines of rap inspired a character in my novel Black Heart. In fact one of my goals when writing the book was to get the comedic rap line into the novel.

I wanted to write a crime novel with no guns, no sex scenes, sickle cell to be one of the plot twists and to have a hero who wasn’t the stereotypical gangster black person we get force fed through the media.


What is the rap line that inspired one of my characters?

Its by Sneakbo on the remix of Mavado’s Starbwoy.


He says he only sex’s Ferrari Punani. The rap has made me laugh everytime I hear it for at least 18months. Its for 14-year-olds so I imagined that one of my characters still acted and thought that way even though he was in his early thirties. A character who still wanted to hit the clubs on a Wednesday night when all his peers were going to bed because they had to be at work in early in the morning. The character ended up being one of major drivers and had all the best comedy lines.