Out of the bomb crater

always comes the hustle

in ragged clothes and shiny shoes.


Out of the bomb crater

always comes the hustle

with cucumber sandwiches and luminous yellow water.


Out of the bomb crater,

tables, chairs, tarpaulin,

a trampoline for the last remaining child to learn happiness,

a car mechanic making claws for amputees.


Out of the bomb crater.

the local shaman priest looking for donations, offerings.


Out of the bomb crater

the seller’s chant:

‘Strengths weaknesses opportunities threats?

I’ve already made a million before you’ve sat down,

decided where you fit in, yet?’


The seller said:

We don’t know where you’re from until you open your mouth.

You can buy anything here.


At this bizarre bazaar,

we upcycle recycle refresh, mulch what was decomposed,

give it a fresh lick of paint in the brightest loudest colours

to counteract, to battle the grey,

it does make us more of a target though.

Who said culture was an exact science?


You can buy anything here

at this bizarre bazaar


except a ticket out.