The Safety Dance

I love music. I am built for it.

I used to spend my Wednesday afternoons

listening to the new chart on BBC Radio 1,

dissecting the beats.

Like I said – Me and music are one and the same.

My Dad is not so inclined.

Loud voice, big hands, dominating smile.

He thought music was a waste of time.

Perhaps getting 27% in my music test at school didn’t help

and dropping the subject..

(The Teacher was an ass – what did my dad expect?)

My Dad –

He asked me to buy him a record.

‘The Safety Dance’ by Men Without Hats.

It doesn’t sound even vaguely traditional African.

The triplet hi-hats are a bit South African if taken out in isolation.

Maybe he was more into music than I gave him credit for.

Maybe he was from a time when

that kind of creativity wasn’t seen as proper

or maybe

everybody is allowed a tune

that’s a guilty pleasure

even if there is nothing to be guilty about.